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Asphalt Plants

Drum Mix Plants 30 - 500 TPH

Drum Mix Plants 30 - 500 TPH

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Heavy duty high strength carbon steel, 4 feet diameter to 10 feet diameter, 100% welded. 3/8"-1/2" thick feed end plate continuously welded to the shell.

  High Efficiency Lifters:

High efficiency lifters are engineered to provide the best efficiency available for direct fired aggregate drying. Lifter arrangements provide a complete vail within the dryer resulting in high efficiency heat transfer.


2-3/4"-5" thick x 6"-12" wide high strength steel tires, 100% welded, heat treated and precision machined. Tires are supported on riding bars, which are bolted to the drum for expansion and contraction as required.

  Trunnion Rolls:

Trunnion rolls are 12"-24" Dia. x 6"-14" wide, precision machined and surface heat treated for Rockwell hardness. Shafts are 3-7/16" dia. to 4-15/16" dia., precision machined and shrink fitted into the trunnion roller. Trunnion rolls are supported by heavy duty spherical roller bearings, with adjustments for permitting uphill or downhill movement of the dryer.

  Drive System:

Dryers are usually driven by cradle chain and sprocket drive assembly. Pinion and ring gear drive assembly are available upon special request. Heavy duty reducers are coupled with TEFC motors to obtain the optimum shell RPM, resulting in the best fuel efficiency.

  Thrust Rolls:

Two thrust rolls, precision machined and surface hardened are installed against the tire adjacent to the discharge hood, to keep the drum from moving excessively uphill or downhill.

  Feed Hood:

Feed hood is to be fabricated from 3/8" carbon steel, and is to be designed to accommodate the burner and injector conveyor.


Fully automatic oil or combination oil/gas burners are provided with high pressure blowers, solenoid oil valves, air valve and support base completely installed on the bedframe. Includes fuel pump.

  Injector Conveyor:

Injector conveyor is mounted on the drum mixer bedframe. Includes self centering head and tail pulleys. Belt is to be 2 ply rubber covered belting. Rollers are to be 4" diameter. Conveyor drive is to be TEFC motor with shaft mounted speed reducer.

  Inclined Conveyor:

Inclined conveyor is to be 36'-45' long with 24"-36" wide belt with 4" or 5" diameter CEMA B rollers spaced apart. Includes self centering lagged head pulley and winged tail pulley, with heavy duty diameter shafts. Includes shaft mounted speed reducer with TEFC motor. Includes electronic weigh scale carriage and load cell. Includes belt speed sensor mounted on the tail pulley.

  Scalping Screen:

Includes a heavy duty single deck scalping screen with TEFC motor.

  Discharge Hood:

Discharge hood is to be fabricated from carbon steel and lined with wear plate. Includes 24" x 24" inspection door. The asphalt injection pipe/dust return pipe will be installed through the discharge hood.

  Venturi Scrubber

Horizontal type venturi scrubber, with adjustable external venturi and bottom slurry drain, to 40,000 CFM, is installed on the common drum mixer bedframe. Larger sizes are provided on separate portable frames. The venturi is fabricated from abrasion resistant wear plate. Includes a high pressure water pump and water spray nozzles.

  Exhaust Fan:

Exhaust fans are designed to handle 12,000-80,000 CFM air and are driven by TEFC motors. Includes louvered damper with modulating damper controls. Includes 10' high stack. Exhaust fans, for 4'-7'drum mixers, are installed on the Drum Mixer Bedframe. Larger sizes are installed on a separate scrubber bedframe.

  Support Frame:

The entire drum mixer and scrubber systems are to be supported on a single frame fabricated from heavy duty wide flange beams, with king pin, tandem or triple axles, air brakes and rear lighting. Includes 8-12 wheels with 12 ply tires.

  Asphalt Pump:

35-200 gallons/minute Asphalt pump with metering head. Includes air cylinder operated divert valve. All flow related components are pre-plumbed for hot oil or steam heating. All components are mounted on a heavy duty steel skid, for installation on customers asphalt tank frame.
BDM Engineering, Inc.... Asphalt Plants, Drum Mix Plants, Baghouses, Cold Feed Bins, Hot Mix Silos, Hot Mix Drag Elevators, Hot Mix Bucket Elevators, Control Houses.